Vocational Services

April 2, 2021: BPSQ and BPSW Will Temporarily Close due to the Positivity Rate

We just received notification that the positivity rate in Bucks County reached 11% today, which means the county has once again moved into the Substantial level, and we are expected to close our day programs at BPSQ and BPSW.

While we regret the need to close, for the safety and well-being of the individuals we support and our staff, we find it necessary to do so.

Therefore, beginning Monday, April 5th, 2021, our two day programs sites (BPSQ and BPSW) are closed for the individuals we support until further notice.  We will post updates on both the BARC Facebook page and on the home page of our website, as they become available.

You can also call BPSQ at 215-536-4048 or BPSW at 215-672-6010.  You will hear a message that states our programs are closed until further notice.

In line with current recommendations, we are expected to remain closed until the positivity rate in Bucks County drops below 10% for two (2) consecutive weeks.  Once that occurs, we will let everyone affected by the closure know when we plan to reopen, along with other pertinent details.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during these very challenging and difficult times.  We urge you to continue to follow the most current CDC guidelines and stay well.

The Vocational Services Department of BARC Developmental Services provides vocational assessment, training, work experience, habilitative supports, job placement, and retirement activities for nearly 250 adults with intellectual disabilities and Autism, age 21 and older, in two modern industrial employment training centers in Warminster and Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

An initial assessment is completed for each worker upon their admission to the program that identifies interests, abilities, and skills.  The assessment is the cornerstone of an Individual Worker Program Plan/Individual Support Plan (IWPP/ISP) that is developed by each worker and their team based on the principles of Self-Determination and Person Centered Planning.  The IWPP includes goals and objectives the worker wishes to achieve during the following year, and is updated quarterly.  Workers receive training to perform a variety of jobs, outsourced from local businesses, including simple assembly, packaging, light manufacturing, collating, mailings, and shrink wrapping.  Workers are paid for all work performed on a piece rate basis, in compliance with the US Department of Labor standards.  Competitive employment is also available for workers who wish to secure a job in the community through the JOBS Program – Joint Opportunities for Business and Society – a branch of the Vocational Services Department.

In addition to the employment training programs, the Vocational Services Department, also operates an Adult Training Facility (ATF) and Disabled Senior Retirement Program (DSRP) at both the Quakertown and Warminster facilities, providing social and recreational activities for individuals who are unable, or no longer want to work, but wish to remain active in a therapeutic day program.

The department has also opened a program at the Warminster facility for adults with a diagnosis of Autism.  This program provides an array of activities and work opportunities in a setting designed to meet the unique and individual needs associated with ASD.

Finally, a newer initiative,  the Community Participation Supports (CPS) Program, provides opportunities for our folks to become involved in community inclusive activities of their choice rather than spending the entire day at BPSQ or BPSW. Some of the activities folks enjoyed this past year included attending weekly exercise programs, visiting museums, going bowling, to the zoo, to baseball games, to the SPCA, the movies, and playing penny BINGO at a local senior citizens center, just to name a few.  Even more exciting is one of our folks recently becoming a volunteer at the Bucks County Playhouse, and another individual volunteering at the Quakertown branch of the SPCA helping care for cats!

All programs are open year round, Monday – Friday, 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

For employment opportunities in our Vocational Services Program, click here.