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Good Karma: BARC Services Helps Us Reach Kids in Need

Schools are in full swing and the IHHS’s Know Sweat in School kits are in stock and ready to ship to school nurses everywhere. These helpful kits contain loads of tools and tips to help kids with hyperhidrosis navigate the many challenges of adolescence. Each kit is packed with a variety of visual aids and copies of our Know Sweat Now teen workbook. There are even antiperspirant samples and other goodies included in the package.

As helpful as the school kits are for kids with hyperhidrosis (click here to read previous stories that have appeared in SweatSolutions), the story behind the packaging of these kits is so special that it is worth telling.

The IHHS recently retained BARC Developmental Services to handle the packaging and distribution of its Know Sweat in School kits. This organization, founded in 1951 by parents of children with intellectual disabilities, was created to help foster lives that are full of possibilities, opportunities, and achievements in an environment where their unique abilities are accepted and appreciated.

Sixty years later, this organization is still going strong, offering a wide range of programs for children, adults, and seniors with intellectual disabilities, including autism. Lisa Pieretti, IHHS Executive Director, heard about BARC Developmental Services two years ago at a dinner party. “The organization was mentioned to me at a dinner party by a person who used to own my home and who lives right nearby. He used them to assemble gift bags for huge events. Although I didn’t have a need at the time, I never forgot the mention and was able to find them on Google when IHHS needed a helping hand,” she said.

The IHHS’s connection to BARC Developmental Services is through their vocational services program. Bill Keleher, who manages the IHHS’s account and has worked with BARC for the past eight years, provided some details about the packaging jobs.

“Our employees handle mainly low-tech packaging jobs that require some hands-on or odd assembly. Our services are for companies who don’t have the need or budget for a high-tech (and expensive) packaging company. We also complete a variety of tasks related to packaging, like labeling, gluing, assembling, and shrink-wrapping.”

“Our client list includes a great diversity of companies, including the Philadelphia Police Department, Macy’s department stores, Clinique cosmetics, along with restaurant and medical supply companies.” Considering BARC’s clientele, he offers this assessment: “Companies frequently seek us out because our services are very reasonably priced and, these days, everybody is looking for creative ways to trim their budgets. At the same time,” he continues, “doing business with BARC means also helping to improve a disadvantaged person’s quality-of-life. It feels good.”

BARC Developmental Services has more than 200 people who work in two workshop locations in Pennsylvania (its headquarters is near IHHS in eastern Pennsylvania). Job candidates undergo assessment to identify their interests, abilities, and skills in order to make a good fit for the individual.

Could BARC Developmental Services be of service to you or your organization? Lisa Pieretti offers persuasive feedback regarding the IHHS’s current service with BARC: “We are getting better service with BARC than when we used the higher-priced, for-profit vendor. So, BARC is doing good and well by us! We are thrilled.”

This story behind the story has layers of good vibes. Ordering a Know Sweat in School kit for the school nurse in your community starts a little chain of good karma. It begins with the unique and special workers who handle the packaging of the school kits, which, in turn, make a real difference in the lives of kids with excessive sweating. These actions help improve the lives of mentally challenged individuals who have much to contribute to the world… like supplying vital information to kids who suffer with excessive sweating…and on it goes. The world is good!

PS: If you’d like to order a Know Sweat in School kit, send us an email: Info@SweatHelp.org.