Quality Resources

The Quality Resources Department of BARC Developmental Services ensures that the organization is compliant with all Commonwealth regulations relative to incidents that occur within its three service departments (Early Intervention, Residential and Vocational Services). The Quality Resources Department will undertake an investigation to determine the root cause of any incident involving abuse, neglect, a rights violation or misuse of a supported individual’s funds. Of particular importance is Quality Resources’ involvement in the development of corrective action steps in concert with management representatives of the affected service department upon completion of each investigation.

Each month, at the Advocacy/Human Rights/Quality Resources Committee meeting, the Quality Resources Department reports on incidents so that members of this committee can comment and provide recommendations to avoid reoccurrence. The Quality Resources Department will also provide an analysis of medication errors in the spirit of preventing future errors relative to treatments and medications.

If you have any questions or concerns related to the supports and treatment of a family member, please do not hesitate to call Erin Pracher, Director of Quality Resources at (215) 794-0800 Ext 376 or E-mail at erinp@barcprograms.net