Length of Service Awards

2021 Length of Service

Details of the 2021 Length of Service event will be updated shortly. Please check back for additional information. Below is the virtual ceremony that took place last year.

The 2020 Length of Service ceremony looked quite different this year. We celebrated 25 associates who have been here for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 years. With celebration ceremonies held at the Executive Office in Holicong, and BARC Production Services Quakertown and Warminster. Our Executive Director, Mary Sautter, introduced each recipient and each award winner stepped forward to receive their award. All three ceremonies were recorded and will be available for your viewing early next month. The following  associates were recognized.

(Top left to bottom right) 5 years: Danielle Belardino-Kolla, Tammie Bell, Katie Bley, Melissa Bradford, Beth Brennan, Lawrence Malm, Amber Orr, Joseph Rittenhouse, Susan Ryker, Robin Soliday. 10 years: Melissa Moylen, James Stumpf. 15 years: Chris Bennett, Michael Young. 20 years: Shnica Smith. 30 Years: Kim Rochford. 2020 Justin T. Schram Award winner, Jasmine Gipitulan. JTS Award runner up, Perry Kaplan.


Not Pictured: 

5 Years: Rita Hollinger, Denise Mills, Hawa Sheriff, Marissa Irwin and Charlotte Moyer. 10 Years: Edward Pinkavitch. 15 Years: Karen Brownstein, Alissa Gerber. 30 Years: Marshall Conway. 

Congratulations to  BARC Developmental Services associates who were recognized for 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 years of employment with the agency! 

2020 Justin T. Schram Memorial Award

At the Length of Service Ceremonies in October, Mary Sautter, Executive Director, presented the 2020 Justin T. Schram Award to Jasmine Gipitulan, Home Manager and runner up, Perry Kaplan, Food Services Manager.

The BARC Developmental Services Foundation created the award in 2016 as a means to recognize exceptional contributions by an associate to the agency. It was created to honor the memory of Justin T. Schram who passed away on January 5, 2016. Justin is the beloved son of BARC’s long-time former Executive Director, Dr. Robert H. Schram. Justin was an avid musician, bandleader, psycho-therapist, and certified K-6 teacher in New Jersey and Colorado. Justin was dedicated to helping others.  The Justin T. Schram Award is sponsored by U.S. Medical Staffing Inc. and Trinity Asset Protection.