Fix the Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Wage Crisis

Direct Support Professionals like Joe and Keya support Pennsylvanians with autism or intellectual disability. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania hasn’t funded a rate increase in 10 years, causing DSP wages to flatline. This is a workforce crisis.

Please consider contacting your local legislator about this crisis! You can find your legislators contact information here for Pennsylvania.

UPDATE (5.5.17):

On April 4th, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed HB 218 – the House Budget Bill. This bill includes all of the funding for ID/A services that Governor Wolf proposed in his budget – including the first rate increases that ID/A services have seen in 10 years!

Legislators and policymakers have reported that our advocacy and stories have made a huge impact on their voting. Just prior to the vote, Representative Saylor, chair of the House Appropriations Committee, read PAR’s letter in support of HB 218 on the floor.

The budget process is not over yet as the bill now goes to the Senate for a vote before eventually traveling to Governor Wolf’s desk for his signature. For now, we know that our voices made the difference!

Please make sure you sign the petition at “Click here to help” at to Fix The DSP Crisis and encourage others to do so as well!