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Vocational Facility Closing Notice

8/07/2020 UPDATE FROM VOCATIONAL SERVICES: Both BPSQ and BPSW began a limited and gradual re-opening of the facilities on Monday, August 3rd, 2020.  Everyone who returns must be able to wear a mask, social distance, and follow CDC guidelines while at their day program site.  Priority will be given to folks who live with family members who wish to return, but they can only do so once an ISP team meeting has been held, the team agrees to the return plan that was developed for that individual, and the critical revision to their ISP has been approved.  If folks do not wish to return, or are unable to do so, if they request in home supports or remote CPS, every effort will be made to accommodate their wishes.  As safety permits, we will also schedule folks who are served by residential providers once their team meetings have been held and the critical revisions to their ISP have been approved.  Anyone who is unable, or chooses not to return, due to COVID-19 will not risk being discharged from their day program due to their decision in this regard. We have been very busy updating both workshops.

As we work closely with our government entities regarding the ever changing information regarding COVID-19, we ask that you please check our Facebook page and website (barcprograms.org) frequently for the most up to date information regarding our services. We appreciate your patience as we navigate this rapidly changing situation.

You may check here for emergency and/or inclement weather conditions that affect the normal operating hours at BPS-Q and BPS-W.

Please keep in mind that we will attempt to place timely notices here but in severe cases we may not be able to update this website.