E.I. Birth to Three

The Early Intervention Department provides home and community based support for children ages birth to three and their families within their natural environment. The strategies utilized may emphasize motor development, communication skills, cognition and problem solving, play skills, adaptive skills, and/or socialization. The supportive services, as driven by the IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan), are developed with a team of professionals based upon the individual needs of the child.

The Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) is guided by the priorities, dreams, and needs of each family. Family resources and strengths are key elements when considering both long and short-term visions for the child. Individualized services are provided within a flexible range of options to best fit the unique needs of family and child.

Networking among families is both supportive and informative. Positive relationships grow through shared experiences and words of encouragement that these alliances bring. BARC Early Intervention professionals support families in accessing available community resources and support.

For more information about BARC’s Early Intervention programs for birth to three year old children, please contact the Early Intervention Department at (215) 794-0800, extension 308. To find out if your birth to three year old child qualifies for Early Intervention services please contact your local base service unit.

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